October 19th

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I understand that you strongly dislike Fight Club's glorification of hyper-masculinity - and that's an opinion I respect and share - so what exactly draws you to the hyper-masculinity of wrestling?


good-ass question! i was originally drawn to the hyper-masculinity of wrestling because i was a 4-years-old boy in the late 90s with older brothers in high school who were into it. when you watch it as an older person you realize there’s a lot more to it and the hyper-masculinity becomes just something that comes along with what you watch for. it’s easy to understand the appeal of the hyper-masculinity of wrestling for young boys in the same way that it’s easy to understand the appeal of the pseudo-intellectual man-rage circlejerk of fight club appeals to college-aged guys.

i never know how to express the depth of wrestling without feeling like i’m coming off as condescending to non-wrestling fans. i know it’s pretty much a universal thing. like, contrary to popular belief, nascar fans are probably totally into it for reasons deeper than “i like watching things turn left,” etc., but yeah for the most part (at least in online circles), older wrestling fans are in it for other reasons. there are still drunken 20-something dudes screaming for blood among wrestling crowds but there’s much more to it for a lot of fans. the actual “YEAH GIVE HIM THE CHAIR” isn’t usually why i care about it, although it is super fun to get into that mindset at live events. personally i’m drawn to the spectacle (which hyper-masculinity does play a role in at times), the athleticism and performance elements that the matches entail (*grad student voice* wrestling is actually the purest modern example of performance art), and the lives of the performers themselves (it’s really, really gratifying to become attached to a performer and watch them find success in their career). there’s so much to cover outside the hyper-masculine spectacle on the surface that it is Literally My Job to write about it and analyze it

hyper-masculinity is def a big part of wrestling but there’s so much going on that you can openly detest those aspects and still find a shitload to enjoy, which is probably why wrestling is becoming fairly popular on tumblr, even among the Social Justice Hulkamaniacs






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There’s a really nice Q&A section in a Shin Megami Tensei fanbook called CLUB Jakyou no Yakata which gives interesting answers to questions the players may or may not have had.


Shin Megami Tensei ~behind the scenes~

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I’m learning so much

I’m learning so much

why would one name a cat after a shitty eurobeat song

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